Summer activities

The Krušné Hory Mountains, and in particular the area near Jáchymov, offer a variety of summer activities. From undemanding walks, cycling trips along the ridges, to adrenaline experiences.

Plešivec Resort

The fun adrenaline park for the whole family is situated on the Plešivec Mountain (1,028 m above sea level). Here you will find 9 attractions that will keep you busy the whole day – giant swing, rope centre high in the trees for adults, rope park for children, playground, free fall from the height of 16 meters, bungee trampoline, etc. The surrounding area is ideal for walking. At the top there is a lookout tower that offers a wonderful view of the surroundings.

Klínovec Trail Park

In the urban forests of Jáchymov you will find 24 km of gradually descending smooth trails, specially designed for the enjoyment of mountain biking. The trails are graded to three levels of difficulty and the corresponding difficulty of riding and are thus suitable for both beginners, families with children, and more experienced riders. For the fittest, there are also 5 km of downhill sections. The Prima Express 4-seater chairlift will take you back to the beginning of the trails. First-time beginners can try off-road bumps on the pump track and improve their skills in the skill centres at the starting points.

Saint Mauritius Mine – Tour of the Kryštof Drift

National Historic Landmark. Since 2014 you can take the tour and descend into the dark underground of the Krušné Hory Mountains and learn more about this famous tin mine in a much more personal way. The experience is fascinating. Mauritius was the largest tin mine in the Czech Krušné Hory Mountains region and was in operation intermittently for 400 years. On a guided tour of over 400 m you will see, for example, sections mined by hand or expanded by fire, you will meet figurines of miners as they used to look, and at the end you will find a huge underground chamber. All year round there is a constant temperature of 7 °C, which should be kept in mind even in the middle of a hot summer. Before entering the drift, you will get a helmet, a coat and boots.

Boží Dar Peat Bog Nature Trail

The nature trail is 3.2 km long and has 12 stops where you can get well acquainted with the local animals and plants, as well as the history of Boží Dar and peat extraction. The first information board can be found at the Boží Dar info-centre, then pass the Špičák pub and go through the underpass under the road to the peat bog itself. The last board is located at the crossroad by the road to Horní Blatná. From here you can go back to Boží Dar directly on the road, or you can extend your trip and go on the Ježíšek’s Path. Another option is to follow the Blatenský moat, which will lead you to Horní Blatná.