Winter activities

The Krušné Hory Mountains, and in particular the area near Jáchymov, offer a variety of winter activities. Ski resorts with various levels of challenge, suitable for all ages of skiers and snowboarders, and top-class cross-country ski trails, again from easy to racing ones

Ski Resorts

Klínovec Ski Resort

The largest ski resort in the Krušné Hory Mountains, with its modern equipment and comfortable facilities for skiers can boldly compare with its European colleagues. You can get to the lookout tower by car, but don’t forget the snow chains. You will find the free car parks far more accessible. They can be found both under the northern slope at the Dámská funicular and in the south at the Jáchymovská funicular. Visitors can expect 18 km of ski slopes with a total area of 50 ha. However, if this is still not enough for you, you can try the neighbouring Fichtelberg as part of the long-term Czech-Saxon cooperation. A free skibus will take you there from Klínovec in ten minutes.

!!NEW!! Connecting the Klínovec ski resort with the neighbouring Neklid will offer skiers more than 30 kilometres of slopes this winter, on one ski pass. The entire Klínovec Ski Resort ski complex will thus operate five funiculars, two of them with orange cover bubbles. The interconnection of the whole area on skis – no skibus transfers, but comfortably along the connecting slopes, will be unique within the Czech Republic. One slope will lead from the top of Klínovec to the lower station of the funicular at Neklid and the other from Neklid to the lower station of the Prima Express funicular.

Novako Ski Resort, Boží Dar

If you plan to introduce your children to the beauty of downhill skiing, we recommend starting at Novako. The short, gentle slope and all 3 lifts (including the carpet) are perfect for precarious children’s feet. Little skiers will surely love also the lovely ski school instructors and the playground full of fun figures and other attractions. The big attraction for young and old is snowtubing, i.e. riding on inflatable tubes. The resort is equipped with a system of artificial snow.

Plešivec Ski Resort

One of the largest, most modern and well-known ski resorts in the Krušné Hory Mountains offers 12 km of slopes of all difficulty, up to 80 m wide. Whether you choose Pstruží or Abertamy as your starting point, in both cases you’ll get high-quality facilities including a spacious parking, rentals and refreshments. You can also refresh yourself right on the top of Plešivec in the hotel with a lookout tower.

Families with young children will also appreciate the largest children’s park in the Czech Republic with four mobile belts of 83, 42, 40 and 30 meters in length. Thanks to them, even the smallest children who cannot handle the ski lift themselves can ride. In the park, up to two hundred children can enjoy skiing under the instructors’ care. A great attraction is also the mountain carousel and forty other attractions.

Cross-country Ski Resorts

Boží Dar

Thanks to its mountainous position it has one indisputable advantage, which is especially appreciated by cross-country skiers. It’s early snow. In the vicinity of Boží Dar, cross-country skiing can be enjoyed on groomed tracks at a time when other ski resorts are still preparing for winter. In this part of the Krušné Hory Mountains there are altogether more than 120 km of differently demanding cross-country trails. If you find the Czech trails too short, you can also easily “cross” to Germany through one of the tourist crossings.

The Krušné Hory Mountains ski highway – west

If you plan a trip from Bublava to Boží Dar, count on a trail of about 40 km. The highway avoids the centre of the village, but it intersects many other cross-country trails, on which you can turn, for example, to Pernink, Horní Blatná or Abertamy. Directly on the highway you will also find some pleasant rest places where you can warm up with some grog and get some refreshment for the next trip. One of them is a restaurant in the Jelení pension, then a refreshment place called U Červené jámy above Hrebečná and 2 km further in the direction of Boží Dar there is the famous caravan. The section of the highway from Klínovec to Horní Malže is also regularly machine-maintained. It is about 8.5 km long and starts a short distance from the starting station of the Dámská chairlift.

Source: https://krusnehory.cz/